Catching raindrops

One of the advantages of taking photographs in wet weather is the opportunity to capture raindrops sparkling in the sun after the shower has passed over.

These droplets were photographed in our garden, on Lady’s Mantle or Alchemilla mollis.








Tiny hairs on the surface of the leaf are magnified in the spheres, while at the edge, perfect globes of water appear to be trembling on the tip of every serration.

Colin used his compact Lumix TZ5, proof that you don’t have to use an SLR to get great shots.  He says:  “The keys to any macro work are timing, lighting and shutter speed.  These pictures were taken in a shaft of sunlight immediately after the rain, when there was little or no wind.  Any later, and the droplets would have blown off or evaporated, so I really only had a few seconds to capture the image.”


All images copyright © Colin Woolf 2011


  1. Some photographs have more to them than just a photo.
    May I add a word or two.

    (The shower has passed)

    Disturb my tranquil rest.
    To land so close to me.
    And shimmer like a diamond.
    Yes I will grant you rest by me.
    As you will soon evaporate to reappear.
    What shimmering life you have brought to me.


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