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GorseClava Cairns:  two Bronze Age passage graves and a ring cairn, aligned with the midwinter sunset

Photography:  Continuing my ‘windows’ theme with a stained glass window in Dunfermline Abbey

Smarten your whiskers!  It’s time for the results of Purdey’s PAWS Awards 2017!

Culloden Field:  one of the most haunting and evocative places I’ve ever visited.

Melrose Abbey, Scotland’s oldest Cistercian monastery and one of the real jewels of the Border country

It’s January…. the red carpets are being rolled out across the globe once again…. it can only mean one thing.  Time for Purdey’s PAWS Awards 2017!

The latest in my British trees series:  The song of the aspen

For more reading, take a look at my other blog, Explorers of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society – focusing on some of the extraordinary people who put their lives on the line for the sake of geographical knowledge


  1. MindMindful says:


    Early in February, I ‘awarded’ you the Versatile Blogger Award, for your photo essays that give such a sense of ‘place’. I guess I expected you to be notified by a pingback. Anyway, go to my blog to capture the badge (or let me know if you need help with that:)

    Be well!

  2. MindMindful says:

    And, one more thing: As a “condition” of the award, you are to reveal 7 things about yourself, & give the award to 15 other bloggers. Have fun & be well!!

    • Thank you very much for this, and for your previous comment. I’m sorry but I didn’t receive any pingbacks or notifications! So a belated thank you for the nomination, and I’m so glad that you enjoy The Hazel Tree so much.

      • MindMindful says:

        One of the reason I like your blog so much is that I used to live in Wales, for 2 years, when I was stationed there w/ the U.S. Navy. SUCH a gorgeous place! Whenever it’s a bit drizzly here, & I see a large stone in someone’s garden or yard, I am instantly transported right back:)

      • That’s interesting! I’ve got plenty of material for more Welsh-themed articles, so stay tuned!

      • MindMindful says:

        Will do:)

  3. I have been up and around Dunvegan when I was heading out Neist Point Lighthouse and wasnt that impressed, I tried to get a shot across the bay but there was lambing ongoing so it was out the question – but all in all the Castle seemed a little out of sorts with the landscape.

  4. PGuthrie says:

    Thank you for your information about the bluebell. Have always loved them. My grandmother planted them around my grandfather’s tombstone many, many years ago, and they still bloom.

    • You are very welcome! I love bluebells too, and that is a lovely idea to plant them around a grave. There is something ethereal about bluebells, a special kind of magic.

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