Melrose Abbey

Scotland’s first Cistercian monastery, Melrose still has an air of faded opulence


Purdey’s PAWS Awards 2017

Which of these talented little starlets will win the coveted Golden Fir Cone this year? It’s time to cast your vote!


The song of the aspen

Fluttering on impossibly slender stalks, aspen leaves whisper a message that seems to flow from the Earth itself


First breath of winter

This morning, our woodlands are touched by the eerie beauty of freezing fog

Smailholm 2

Smailholm Tower

A ‘peel tower’ in the Scottish Borders, basking in the autumn sunshine and remembering a colourful history of reiving


Old Castle Lachlan: loyalty and loss

Ghosts of horses tend to come in different guises, some of them benevolent and some of them more inclined towards the Apocalypse. The story that is linked with Old Castle Lachlan is moving and gentle, touched by the sadness of Culloden


Kilmorie Chapel by Loch Fyne

Carpeted with moss, this ancient burial ground of the Maclachlans could hold distant echoes of an early saint


The Lewis Chessmen

Over 800 years old and still full of character, these wonderful little pieces in the National Museum of Scotland will grab your attention and steal your heart

Innerpeffray Collage

Innerpeffray: Scotland’s oldest free lending library

By the quiet waters of the River Earn is an unexpected treasurehouse of books. Step inside and prepare to be spellbound!

Ash tree Dollar Glen

The fire of the ash

The ash is a beguiling tree, elegant in all seasons, and mother to a host of legends


Scabious Crop

Devil’s-bit scabious

These pretty blooms of late summer are an important food source for butterflies and bees

Ballachuan JW 47

Ballachuan hazel wood

I’ve never walked through a woodland quite like this one: the ancient hazel wood of Ballachuan on the island of Seil

Marsh Marigold, King Cup 5

Marsh marigold: the yellow plant of Beltane

Lighting up wetlands and boggy places, kingcup flowers are dazzling in their brilliance

Celandine crop

Lesser celandine: greeting the sun

Star-like flowers of pure yellow welcome the first spring sunshine


Tullibardine 4

Tullibardine Chapel

The hopes, prayers and tragic losses of the Murray family are preserved in this wonderful old chapel in Perthshire

Fowlis Wester CW 42

The Pictish stone of Fowlis Wester

The Picts liked to blend drama, devotion and mystery in their sculptures – or so it seems to us now – and this is one of their most spectacular offerings

Culross Abbey Crop

Culross Abbey

High on the hillside above Culross Palace are the peaceful ruins of a very old monastery with links to St Mungo and St Serf

Kilmartin CW March 2016 26

Kilmartin Glen: Nether Largie South

Stepping down through the layers of time into the darkness of a Neolithic chambered cairn

Culross Crop 2

Culross Palace: glowing with splendour

Its walls the colour of saffron, Culross Palace beckons you into a 17th-century world of cobbled streets and quaint townhouses

Loch Avich crop 2

Loch Avich and the Castle of the Red-haired Girl

I knew there had to be a story attached to this; I hope you’ll find it as spellbinding as I did!