Loch Leven Castle

Loch Leven Crop 2

A Scottish queen held captive on a tiny island… hope, fear and loss… and a daring bid for freedom. The walls of Loch Leven Castle are so full of memories!

Pottery workshop in Crail

St Andrews Jo 178

A pretty, flower-garnished old doorway in a back street of this seaside town

Seacliff beach and the UK’s smallest harbour

Seacliff harbour (1)

Hidden from sight until you’ve almost fallen into it, this amazing feature is carved into the rock below Tantallon Castle.

Drumlanrig Castle: unbridled splendour


A Renaissance masterpiece, the ‘Pink Palace’ of Drumlanrig Castle in Dumfries-shire was designed to impress – and it still leaves you in awe!

A forgotten summer

Glen Etive (6)

Photographed down a minor road in the Highlands, this dilapidated shed and rusty old bike must have seen happier, sunnier days

Doorway into Castle Campbell

Castle Campbell 100

The courtyard of Castle Campbell is glimpsed through an old stone doorway from the gardens

An old graveyard near Callander

Callander graveyard (1)

On the bank of the River Leny is this lovely old burial ground with a hidden and surprising history…

Museum garden in St Andrews

St Andrews Jo 147 (2)

A lovely old doorway in St Andrews, enhanced by a stunning display of late summer flowers

Brainteaser – the answer (and a spot of medieval history!)

North berwick harbour 25

The answer to my brainteaser lies on the shore of East Lothian, and it will lead you in the footsteps of 12th century pilgrims…

A little brainteaser…

Tidal gauge

Who can identify this mystery object, found on my travels?