Scottish islands: Islay

Portnahaven, Islay

The third in my photo-series on Scottish islands focuses on Islay, with a winter sunset seen from Portnahaven.   This little village of white-washed houses sits on the westernmost tip of the Rinns, a long peninsula of rough grassland with rocky outcrops and hidden coves.   On the far horizon is the coast of Ireland – by my reckoning it […]

Scottish islands: Skye

Kilt Rock waterfall crop

The Mealt falls on the Isle of Skye:   from Loch Mealt on the north-east coast, an outflow (it’s too short to be called a river!) takes a dramatic plunge of about 180 feet into the sea below.  You can see the basalt columns of Kilt Rock in the distance. Photo copyright © Jo Woolf

The Birnam Oak: in the presence of greatness

Birnam Oak Crop

Did this majestic tree – or the forest in which it stood – inspire Shakespeare with an idea for ‘Macbeth’?

Scottish islands: Lismore

Lismore 206

The new theme for my photography posts is Scottish islands, and my first choice is the beautiful island of Lismore.   This view was taken in May last year, looking south-west across the Sound of Mull. Photo copyright © Jo Woolf If you’d like to explore the history of Lismore, check out my post about Castle […]

Ardnamurchan’s volcano

Ardnamurchan volcano (1)

There can’t be many places in the UK where you can drive through the magma chamber of an extinct volcano…

Random rocks: beach sculpture

Knoydart rocks 2

The waves can create wonderful flowing sculptures, like this one on Knoydart

The Butter Bridge, Glen Kinglas

Butter bridge (3)

There’s something about old bridges, especially when they are left marooned in the past, like this one in Glen Kinglas. And a hermit who lived here? What more do you need?

Castlerigg: out on the wild and windy moors

Castlerigg 83

What on Earth went on here 5,000 years ago? The stones aren’t going to tell us, but they might well be attracting – or emitting – some kind of energy of their own!

Loch Dochart Castle

Loch Dochart Castle (1)

Not the easiest to see, this ruined tower house stands on a tiny island in Loch Dochart. I thought the story would be quite a short one…

Echoes of smugglers on Cornwall’s north coast – a guest post by Rachel Bates

Cornwall 6

As ‘Poldark’ returns to our screens this month, guest writer Rachel Bates scrambles down the cliffs of north Cornwall to make an amazing discovery…