A little brainteaser…


Here’s a little curiosity to tickle your brain cells.    Does anyone know what this is, and what it was – or is -used for?    Additional bonus points if you can tell me where it is.   I’ll post the answer in a week or so’s time!

The trees of Dollar Glen

Woods crop

At Dollar Glen in Clackmannanshire, a steep-sided gorge contains an emerald world where the trees bend their mossy branches to the water.

Doune Castle: seat of power

Doune CW 8

Is this my favourite castle yet? (It might just take the medieval biscuit!) The setting for ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ and now the new ‘Outlander’ series, Doune Castle is a delight to explore!

Two old arches and a warning in stone

Lauder arch (4)

These two old arches in the Scottish Borders bear an intriguing inscription – and a salutary warning to passers by!

White cottage at Arisaig

Arisaig (2)

Overlooking the white sands of Arisaig is this delightful little cottage… and there’s a reason why the grass is so green!

Falkland Palace: power and glory

Falkland entrance 2

Sitting on the quiet main street of Falkland in Fife is one of the most remarkable Scottish castles, brainchild of the brilliant but ill-fated Stewart kings

Castle Coeffin: guarding a broken heart

Castle Coeffin (3)

An ancient stronghold overlooking the Sound of Mull… infused in its ivy-clad walls is an irresistible legend.

Portraits of a cold climate

Approaching snowstorm

In early spring the mountains are still in the grip of snow, ice and piercing winds… but there’s beauty in abundance

Skye’s ‘coral beach’

Claigan 11

Claigan beach in north-west Skye owes its dazzling white sands to an unusual variety of seaweed…

Glen Lonan: ‘The Road of the Kings’

Glen Lonan (1)

What links this quiet glen in Argyll with the sacred island of Iona? The answer lies in the passing of Scotland’s kings…