White cottage at Arisaig

Arisaig (2)

This pretty white cottage on the shore at Arisaig in north-west Scotland is actually the Club House of the Traigh Golf Club.   The nine-hole course enjoys one of the most picturesque settings in the whole of Scotland! To find out more about what's on offer at Arisaig, visit the community … [Read more...]

Celebrating bluebells

Bluebells at Kilmartin

Here in Scotland the bluebell season is at its peak around mid-May.  Drifts shimmer on the woodland floor, filling the air with a beautiful scent.   Swathes of azure blue spread across hillsides, and as you stand in silent wonder you might well hear a cuckoo calling from up in the glen. These are … [Read more...]

A timeless moment

St Peter's Church, Belton in Rutland - Lynne Jenkins

When I was 17 or 18, I wouldn’t have believed anyone who told me I’d be wishing to quote T S Eliot later in life.   I can still remember my outrage at being asked to make sense of ‘The Waste Land’. But strange things happen!   This is an extract from ‘Little Gidding’ (No. 4 of Four Quartets) and … [Read more...]

Portraits of a cold climate

Approaching snowstorm

We took these photos in late March, in the mountains around Loch Tay.   I have chosen them for their colour, patterns and textures, and their overwhelming coldness.   Spring hasn't reached the uplands of Perthshire yet, but the landscape is still beautiful, even in the grip of ice.   (Click on any … [Read more...]

Wildlife of the Caledonian forest

Crested tit Parus cristatus on dead branch Vastmanland Sweden

Following on from my feature on the Scots pine, I thought I'd take a look at five of the key wildlife species of the Caledonian forest.  My good friend, wildlife photographer Mike Read, has kindly allowed me to use some of his brilliant photos. Capercaillie    Tetrao urogallus There’s no mistaking … [Read more...]

A calendar for The Hazel Tree


I've been thinking about this idea since before Christmas, and now it's starting to take shape! The idea is to produce a 'Hazel Tree' calendar for 2015, using some of the images that I've published here over the years (and maybe a few that I haven't!) What I imagine is an A4-size calendar that … [Read more...]

Iona: an island beyond words

Iona 6

This week I watched the last episode of Neil Oliver's excellent series 'The Sacred Wonders of Britain', and among the sites he chose to visit was the island of Iona. Iona is one of my very favourite places, and the atmosphere there is hard to describe.  'Tranquil' doesn't quite go far enough.   … [Read more...]

Light on the Lakes

Windermere, night-time by Chris Sansom (Nov 2013)

These photographs were taken by our son-in-law, Chris Sansom, when he and Verity spent a few days in the Lake District in early November. Chris was experimenting with long exposure, and I love the effects he has achieved with these images.   His daytime photos are of Derwent Water, while the … [Read more...]

Falkland’s treasures

The Covenanter Hotel

Nestling in the shadow of the Lomond Hills in Fife, the village of Falkland struck us with its old-fashioned charm when we drove through there - purely by accident! - a couple of years ago. We ventured back to Falkland in November, with the main aim of exploring its wonderful Palace. The list of … [Read more...]

Blues of autumn

Reflections (October 2013)

The colours of autumn aren't confined to red and gold.  The sky can take on an intense blue that is sometimes lost in the haze of summer, and the effect is stunning. Colin's photographs, taken in late October, show the jewel-like blues of the sky reflected in the River Braan, as dead leaves float … [Read more...]