Black grouse – a new painting


Colin has been working on this painting of black grouse over the last couple of weeks – it was on his easel at the Scottish Game Fair, and it’s now finished. There’s a lovely iridescence in the male’s plumage, and the two greyhens are beautiful in their intricate camouflage.  The grass was probably the biggest headache […]

New painting: redpoll

Redpoll by Colin Woolf

A lovely watercolour study of one of our tiniest finches!

Tawny owl – a new pencil drawing

Tawny owl - pencil drawing (crop)

This lovely new pencil drawing is just finished…

Woodcock pin-feather painting – in progress

Woodcock pin-feather Sept 2014

A beautiful new painting on Colin’s easel, with a wintry backdrop of snowy hills

New pencil study: barn owl

BOwl Crop

Beautiful softness and feather detail

A wise hare

Brown hare (2)

A new study in pencil, just finished

A pencil drawing of a wren

Wren Crop

A sweet little wren features in this new pencil drawing

New woodcock painting: ‘The Secret’

'The Secret' woodcock carrying chick, by Colin Woolf

How many people have seen a woodcock carrying its chick in flight? Colin’s lovely new painting captures just that… and it’s painted with a woodcock’s feather!

Brown trout painting – now finished!

Brown Trout Foiled Again

The second brown trout has emerged onto Colin’s painting – and this one’s a real prize!

Tales of the riverbank

Brown trout - painting by Colin Woolf (2)

A new painting of two brown trout is emerging from Colin’s easel