A pencil drawing of a wren

Wren Crop

Out of all the subjects that Colin paints, it's usually the majestic birds like eagles that get the most attention... but he also loves garden birds, and he has just finished this lovely drawing of a wren. We see wrens quite often in our garden, which has really pleased me as they do suffer in … [Read more...]

New woodcock painting: ‘The Secret’

'The Secret' woodcock carrying chick, by Colin Woolf

How many people have seen a woodcock, let alone glimpsed an adult bird carrying its young? These elusive little woodland dwellers are already the stuff of legend and folklore, and the fact that they have been known for centuries to carry their young in flight only adds to their aura.  Colin … [Read more...]

Brown trout painting – now finished!

Brown Trout Foiled Again

The second brown trout has now materialised in Colin's painting, and this one's a bit bigger!    Look at those spots! Colin has had good fun with this one, again trying to stop short of being 'photographic', creating soft filtered reflections in the background and on the water's surface.    You … [Read more...]

Tales of the riverbank

Brown trout - painting by Colin Woolf (2)

If you asked Colin what his favourite food was, he would probably tell you it was fish.   He is happiest when he's by water - whether it's a river, a loch or the sea - and he's just discovered a new interest in fly fishing. Until now, Colin hasn't produced any major paintings of fish, but that's … [Read more...]

‘Kingdom of Ice’ – new golden eagle painting

Eagle crop

For the last few weeks, Colin has been working on a golden eagle painting, and now it's finished!   It's one of the biggest paintings he has ever created, being about 30 inches across. This picture has been in Colin's head for at least 10 years - in particular the background.  He wanted the … [Read more...]

Siskins – safely landed!

Crop siskins

Three siskins have landed on the larch branch that I posted about recently.    Here they are! … [Read more...]

Siskins on a larch branch

Siskins unf_ws

Colin has just started a pencil drawing of some siskins feeding on a larch tree.    This is the top part, and it will eventually be quite a long, vertical picture.   You can click on the image to enlarge it. I'll keep you updated with his progress here, and you can also see it on his website, 'On … [Read more...]

Black grouse in silver birch tree


Colin's latest self-imposed challenge has been to create a larger-than-usual pin-feather painting, using the feather of a black grouse instead of a woodcock. You may remember he created a small vignette of a black grouse in his Olympic challenge last year, which combined the pin-feathers of five … [Read more...]

Two new originals: eiders in pencil and watercolour

Eiders crop

Colin has just finished these two wonderful studies of eiders - one in pencil, one in watercolour.   Since eiders are my very favourite birds, I have snaffled the watercolour as a birthday present (no matter that my birthday isn't until January!) The pencil drawing was inspired by wonderful … [Read more...]

Barn owl – finished!

Barn Owl Head 13_ws

The barn owl study that Colin was working on at the CLA Game Fair is now finished.   It has a real glow about it, and I love the dusky background! Images copyright © Colin Woolf … [Read more...]