Welcome to Purdey's world! Purdey is our tabby cat, and she spends much of her time fraternising with the local rodent community. When I say fraternising, it is probably a bit one-sided. Watch out for Purdey's PAWS awards (Purdey's Awards for Worldwide Stardom), a star-studded ceremony which gives you the chance to vote for your favourite actress!

Purdey’s Hallowe’en hallway horror

Halloween Purdey

From reading about haunted castles and abbeys just recently, it struck me that the stairway is very often the hang-out of choice for ambitious apparitions who want to see some proper hands-on action. I was particularly interested to read a story about Airth Castle near Falkirk, whose phantom dog lurks in a hallway and has a habit […]

Purdey’s PAWS Awards 2015: the results!

Alien Abduction 2 Crop

The votes have been cast… has your favourite won?

Time for Purdey’s PAWS Awards 2015!


It’s finally arrived! The event you’ve been waiting for all year… this is your chance to vote in Purdey’s Awards for Worldwide Stardom 2015!

Purdey’s top tip: wiping

Wiping crop

Mirrors, cupboards, windows, bathroom tiles… all of them benefit from a really good wipe. There’s no time to waste!

Purdey’s how-to video: putting small things under chairs


Great for rainy days… watch Purdey’s video and then try this for yourself!

Anyone for tennis?

And a perfect forehand...

If you’re looking forward to Wimbledon, why not join Purdey in a game of tennis? You won’t see much of the ball, though…

Purdey’s playtime

Purdey 1 Crop

You need an empty bath, a fir cone, and a crazy cat…

Purdey’s PAWS awards 2014: the results!

Ponyo 3 crop3

All the coverage you could ask for… the photos, the tension, the speeches, the fisticuffs…

Time for Purdey’s PAWS awards 2014!

A Bridge Too Far

It’s January… the red carpet is being rolled out… Purdey’s got her manicurist on speed dial. It can only mean one thing: yes, it’s time for the PAWS awards!

Purdey’s Christmas…

I wonder if catnip mouse will tell Santa I bit him?