Welcome to Purdey's world! Purdey is our tabby cat, and she spends much of her time fraternising with the local rodent community. When I say fraternising, it is probably a bit one-sided. Watch out for Purdey's PAWS awards (Purdey's Awards for Worldwide Stardom), a star-studded ceremony which gives you the chance to vote for your favourite actress!

Purdey’s top tip: wiping

Wiping crop

Mirrors, cupboards, windows, bathroom tiles… all of them benefit from a really good wipe. There’s no time to waste!

Purdey’s how-to video: putting small things under chairs


Great for rainy days… watch Purdey’s video and then try this for yourself!

Anyone for tennis?

And a perfect forehand...

If you’re looking forward to Wimbledon, why not join Purdey in a game of tennis? You won’t see much of the ball, though…

Purdey’s playtime

Purdey 1 Crop

You need an empty bath, a fir cone, and a crazy cat…

Purdey’s PAWS awards 2014: the results!

Ponyo 3 crop3

All the coverage you could ask for… the photos, the tension, the speeches, the fisticuffs…

Time for Purdey’s PAWS awards!

A Bridge Too Far

It’s January… the red carpet is being rolled out… Purdey’s got her manicurist on speed dial. It can only mean one thing: yes, it’s time for the PAWS awards!

Purdey’s Christmas…

I wonder if catnip mouse will tell Santa I bit him?

Three steps to a pine-scented stomach

Purdey asleep

It’s that time of year again when a prickly tree is brought indoors and decorated with dangly things – some of which are very bite-able – and plenty of tantalising dairy products are placed in the fridge.    Mmm, how I love custard… Where was I? Ah, yes.   Throughout the festive season I like […]

Running a small business

Purdey desk Crop

You may already be aware of my position as Chief Executive of a small business that supplies paper stuff. When I say paper stuff, there’s quite a lot of it, and boxes of it keep arriving and departing on a regular basis.    It is therefore one of my tasks to keep on top of supplies. […]

Purdey’s brush with the paranormal


There’s an old Scottish legend that speaks about the Cait Sith (pronounced ‘caught shee‘), a witch in the form of a terrifying wild cat who roams the Highlands and is capable of appearing and disappearing at will. The Cait Sith is supposed to be the size of a large dog, and she is pure black […]