Alder Crop 5

The spirit of the alder

Lover of riverbanks and boggy places, the alder forms a close bond between earth and water. No wonder our ancestors revered its magic

Wild Rose

The dog rose

Evoking long summer days and warm sunshine, these glorious blooms will soon be turning into bright red hips

Devils Arrows Crop

The Devil’s Arrows: shafts of darkness

The people who put up these standing stones in North Yorkshire were obviously thinking big – but what on earth are those grooves all about?

Camas nan Geall crop

Camas nan Geall: ‘the Bay of the Strangers’

A chambered cairn, a standing stone and an ancient graveyard… this beautiful bay on the coast of Ardnamurchan holds some fascinating secrets

Dunstaffnage Crop 2

Dunstaffnage Castle: defiant to the last

In the 13th century, no one approached Dunstaffnage Castle without a very good reason. It still fills you with a sense of awe…

Dowsing Crop

Dowsing at Torphichen and Cairnpapple

I’ve always been fascinated by dowsing – and on this two-day course by Western Geomancy I finally got to try it for myself!

Taynish Crop

The ancient oak woods of Taynish

A landscape that is a living piece of Scotland’s heritage: these oak woods have been growing in Knapdale for 7,000 years


Ivy-leaved Toadflax Crop

Ivy-leaved toadflax

This pretty little wild flower seems to love ruined buildings just as much as I do!

Birnam Oak Crop

The Birnam Oak: in the presence of greatness

Did this majestic tree – or the forest in which it stood – inspire Shakespeare with an idea for ‘Macbeth’?

Hawthorn Crop 2

Hawthorn – bride of the hedgerow

With angelic buds and evil thorns, the hawthorn stands at the threshold of the Underworld


Dunstaffnage Chapel (3)

Dunstaffnage Chapel – haunted by sadness

Peaceful woodlands enclose this little church on the coast of Argyll; but in December 1462 a wedding here was about to turn into a funeral…

Dunadd (5)

Dunadd: behold the king!

This low rocky hill in the south of Kilmartin Glen was once the setting for royal ceremonies that shaped the history of Scotland

Kilmory Oib (10)

The stones of Kilmory Oib

Ancient stones don’t get much more enigmatic than this site just north of Tayvallich. I don’t even know whether to call it a circle!

Cambuskenneth Abbey (2)

Cambuskenneth Abbey

Sitting in a loop of the River Forth within sight of Stirling Castle, this quiet place has witnessed some key moments in Scotland’s history

Glen More Crop

Glen More and the headless horseman

After nearly 500 years, is this phantom rider still trapped in the tragedy of a bitter family feud?


Ardnamurchan volcano (1)

Ardnamurchan’s volcano

There can’t be many places in the UK where you can drive through the magma chamber of an extinct volcano…

Herkimer diamonds (1)

Herkimer diamonds

Prized for their clarity, these double-pointed crystals have some fascinating bubbles trapped inside!