Crannog Crop

Looking at crannogs

Those tiny little islands that dot so many Scottish lochs hold more history than you might imagine!


Celestine 1

Celestine: crystals as blue as the sky

The softest shade of sky blue, these lovely crystals are said to promote harmony and wisdom

Port Appin

Coastal relics from the last Ice Age

A natural arch and sea stack left high and dry after the ice retreated… with links to a warrior of Celtic legend


St Peter's Church, Belton in Rutland - Lynne Jenkins

A timeless moment

How can I introduce T S Eliot? I can’t, is the answer. But I love this reflection on time and history…

Glen Lonan (1)

Glen Lonan: ‘The Road of the Kings’

What links this quiet glen in Argyll with the sacred island of Iona? The answer lies in the passing of Scotland’s kings…

St Andrews Cathedral (6)

St Andrews: the glorious Cathedral

Continuing my exploration of St Andrews, I’m now looking at the ruins of its spectacular medieval Cathedral…


Viola tricolor

The wild pansy, or heartsease

The endearing little flowers of heartsease were known to Shakespeare as ‘Love-in-idleness’…

Claigan 11

Skye’s ‘coral beach’

Claigan beach in north-west Skye owes its dazzling white sands to an unusual variety of seaweed…

Fortingall yew Crop

The Fortingall Yew: symbol of eternity

This yew tree in a Perthshire churchyard may be 5,000 years old: it’s astounding to think how much human history it has witnessed in its lifetime.


Ponyo 3 crop3

Purdey’s PAWS awards 2014: the results!

All the coverage you could ask for… the photos, the tension, the speeches, the fisticuffs…


Sundog, Islay