Dun Carloway BW Crop

Looking at brochs

Along with their mesmerising yet inexplicable carvings, the Picts left us another legacy: brochs. These impressive buildings were designed to last – but what were they used for?

Ardchattan Crop23

Ardchattan Priory: a place of serenity on Loch Etive

Tucked away along the tranquil shores of Loch Etive is this lovely little ruin, with a long history and an impressive medieval cross

I believe the large kerb stone at lower right marks the rough location of the burial cist (now sealed)

Kintraw’s lonely watcher

Marking the midsummer sunset, this ancient monolith stands guard over two burial mounds high above Loch Craignish in Argyll


Falkland Crocus Crop

A sport for kings at Falkland Palace

What was the exciting sport enjoyed by Mary Queen of Scots? And just how did I end up playing it myself?

Falkland entrance 2

Falkland Palace: power and glory

Sitting on the quiet main street of Falkland in Fife is one of the most remarkable Scottish castles, brainchild of the brilliant but ill-fated Stewart kings

Castle Coeffin (3)

Castle Coeffin: guarding a broken heart

An ancient stronghold overlooking the Sound of Mull… infused in its ivy-clad walls is an irresistible legend.


Arisaig (2)

White cottage at Arisaig

Overlooking the white sands of Arisaig is this delightful little cottage… and there’s a reason why the grass is so green!


Yorkshire Crop 2

Hunting for wild flowers in North Yorkshire

A guest post by ecologist Rachel Bates… Rare plants, butterflies and moths in Yorkshire’s beautiful nature reserves


In a nutshell: the daisy or ‘day’s eye’

Known as the ‘day’s eye’, because the flowers open only in full sunlight and close up again at dusk. Perhaps we should feel guilty about mowing their heads off!


Fog bow

Fog bows