Seacliff Harbour crop

Seacliff beach and the UK’s smallest harbour

Hidden from sight until you’ve almost fallen into it, this amazing feature is carved into the rock below Tantallon Castle.

Pends Crop

Ghosts of St Andrews

In time for Hallowe’en… a spooky tour of St Andrews, where it seems that every street and every building has its own spectral inhabitant. Would you wander around here after dark? I’m not sure I would!


World’s End Close, Edinburgh

World’s End Close: it sounds like a prophecy of doom! And this dark close that leads off Edinburgh’s Royal Mile can certainly tell a few stories…


Waterfalls, Dollar Glen 68

The plants of Dollar Glen

Following my feature on the Trees of Dollar Glen, I’m taking a look at its lovely array of wild plants (and a couple of show-stealing insects!)

Oystercatchers 27

In a nutshell: the oystercatcher

A lovely strand of folklore is attached to this much-loved shore bird

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North berwick harbour 25

Brainteaser – the answer (and a spot of medieval history!)

The answer to my brainteaser lies on the shore of East Lothian, and it will lead you in the footsteps of 12th century pilgrims…



Purdey’s how-to video: putting small things under chairs

Great for rainy days… watch Purdey’s video and then try this for yourself!


Woodcock pin-feather Sept 2014

Woodcock pin-feather painting – in progress

A beautiful new painting on Colin’s easel, with a wintry backdrop of snowy hills



Drumlanrig Castle: unbridled splendour

A Renaissance masterpiece, the ‘Pink Palace’ of Drumlanrig Castle in Dumfries-shire was designed to impress – and it still leaves you in awe!

St Andrews Crop

St Mary’s College in St Andrews

On a visit to St Andrews, just by chance, we stepped through an archway and discovered the ancient quadrangle of St Mary’s College. What a lovely place, and what a long history!

Dupplin Cross Mix 2

The Dupplin Cross

The lovely church of St Serf at Dunning in Perthshire conceals a beautiful and unique Pictish cross

Callander graveyard (1)

An old graveyard near Callander

On the bank of the River Leny is this lovely old burial ground with a hidden and surprising history…


Glen Etive (6)

A forgotten summer


Fog bow

Fog bows