Snowdon panorama

A Christmas poem

One of my all-time favourites, which captures the true spirit of Christmas…

St Andrews Auld Kirk - crop

St Andrew’s Auld Kirk, North Berwick

I’m fast discovering that North Berwick is a town with a long history – and some of it is hidden in full view! Take, for example, this bijou whitewashed building on the sea front…

Mistletoe Crop

For the love of mistletoe

Fascinating in so many ways, the white berries of mistletoe have a long connection with Christmas. But the truth goes back still further, as any Druid would tell you…


Ballachulish St John's

St John’s Church, Ballachulish

Next in my series on doorways is this lovely entrance to St John’s Church in Ballachulish…


Poldullie Bridge, Strathdon (2)

In a nutshell: Poldullie Bridge, Strathdon

In the early 1700s, a lot of troubled water flowed under this elegant bridge in Aberdeenshire

Loch Leven Castle (Jo) 120

Loch Leven Castle

A Scottish queen held captive on a tiny island… hope, fear and loss… and a daring bid for freedom. The walls of Loch Leven Castle are so full of memories!

Seacliff harbour (1)

Seacliff beach and the UK’s smallest harbour

Hidden from sight until you’ve almost fallen into it, this amazing feature is carved into the rock below Tantallon Castle.

St Andrews Cathedral and St Rule's Tower

Ghosts of St Andrews

A spooky tour of St Andrews, where it seems that every street and every building has its own spectral inhabitant. Would you wander around here after dark? I’m not sure I would!


Tawny owl - pencil drawing (crop)

Tawny owl – a new pencil drawing

This lovely new pencil drawing is just finished…


Wiping crop

Purdey’s top tip: wiping

Mirrors, cupboards, windows, bathroom tiles… all of them benefit from a really good wipe. There’s no time to waste!


Yew Crop 2

The darkness of the yew

Evergreen, toxic, and able to live for thousands of years… it’s no wonder the yew tree was revered in ancient times.

Waterfalls, Dollar Glen 68

The plants of Dollar Glen

Following my feature on the Trees of Dollar Glen, I’m taking a look at its lovely array of wild plants (and a couple of show-stealing insects!)