Fair Maid's House Crop 2

The Fair Maid’s House in Perth

Down a little side street in the centre of Perth lies the home of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society – this is a house with a long and unexpected history!

Hazel 2

A wand of hazel

For their valuable source of food and their versatile building material, hazel trees have been prized since the dawn of time. But hazel nuts are believed to contain wisdom, and a little bit of magic as well…

Linlithgow Crop

St Michael’s Church, Linlithgow

Sitting right next to Linlithgow Palace, for centuries St Michael’s Church has welcomed Scotland’s kings to worship under its roof.


Skipness Crop

Random rocks: Skipness

The second in my photo-series on rocks! Some spectacular formations can be found at Skipness in Kintyre…


Tantallon (25)

Tantallon – a ring of truth?

While I was writing about Tantallon Castle, I got sidetracked by an alluring story…

Tantallon etc Jo 141

Tantallon Castle: symbol of strength

The ancient seat of the Douglas Earls of Angus, Tantallon Castle tells a story of power, violence and treason. Most visitors didn’t bring a picnic – they brought guns!

Inner circle with recumbent stone (centre) and one of the outer recumbent stones (foreground)

Croft Moraig: circle of light

Right by the roadside near Kenmore in Perthshire is this wonderful stone circle – and some of its best friends appear to be trees


Mistletoe (3)

For the love of mistletoe

Fascinating in so many ways, the white berries of mistletoe have a long connection with Christmas. But the truth goes back still further, as any Druid would tell you…

Yew Crop 2

The darkness of the yew

Evergreen, toxic, and able to live for thousands of years… it’s no wonder the yew tree was revered in ancient times.


Alien Abduction 2 Crop

Purdey’s PAWS Awards 2015: the results!

The votes have been cast… has your favourite won?


Tawny owl - pencil drawing (crop)

Tawny owl – a new pencil drawing

This lovely new pencil drawing is just finished…