Cambuskenneth Crop

Cambuskenneth Abbey

Sitting in a loop of the River Forth within sight of Stirling Castle, this quiet place has witnessed some key moments in Scotland’s history

Glen More Crop

Glen More and the headless horseman

After nearly 500 years, is this phantom rider still trapped in the tragedy of a bitter family feud?

Birnam Oak Crop

The Birnam Oak: in the presence of greatness

Did this majestic tree – or the forest in which it stood – inspire Shakespeare with an idea for ‘Macbeth’?

Hogbacks Crop

The Govan Stones

It’s hard to believe that Govan, in the centre of Glasgow, was once the heart of the ancient kingdom of Strathclyde. These extraordinary stones are all we have left – but what on earth do they represent?

Hawthorn Crop 2

Hawthorn – bride of the hedgerow

With angelic buds and evil thorns, the hawthorn stands at the threshold of the Underworld


Beehive settlement, Garvellachs

New fun quiz: Could you be a medieval saint?

Addressing that niggling question in the back of your mind… could you deal with the Vikings while warding off the fire-breathing dragons?


Ardnamurchan volcano (1)

Ardnamurchan’s volcano

There can’t be many places in the UK where you can drive through the magma chamber of an extinct volcano…


Bluebells crop

Bluebell enchantment

As our woods start to shimmer with a heavenly blue haze, I’m looking at some of the folklore attached to these beautiful flowers

Hazel trunks

A wand of hazel

For their valuable source of food and their versatile building material, hazel trees have been prized since the dawn of time. But hazel nuts are believed to contain wisdom, and a little bit of magic as well…



Torphichen Preceptory – stone-cold but compelling

This gaunt and rather forbidding church has an extraordinary history. When you enter its cavernous interior, it feels like you’re walking into a tomb

Keills Chapel (34)

Keills Chapel: shadows of time

When the sun shines through the tiny windows of Keills Chapel in Knapdale, it reveals some astonishing treasures…

Clach na Coileach (1)

Clan MacThomas and the Clach na Coileach

Four dead men and a sackful of live chickens… I’m just waiting for someone to suggest foul play!


Redpoll by Colin Woolf

New painting: redpoll

A lovely watercolour study of one of our tiniest finches!


Fog bow

Fog bows