Dunfermline Palace Crop

Dunfermline Abbey: pride of kings

The second in my two-part series about the abbey and royal palace of Dunfermline

Dunfermline Crop

Dunfermline Abbey: echoes of majesty

A powerful king and a devoted queen: these massive walls guard a shrine that lies at the very heart of Scotland’s history

Tuilyies Crop

The Tuilyies stones

A windswept shore, standing stones and a blasted oak… it sounds like one of Emily Bronte’s dreams!

Killiecrankie Crop

Autumn colours in Killiecrankie

Lit by the slanting sun, the woods along the River Garry are burnished with bronze, yellow and gold

Jedburgh Crop

Jedburgh Abbey

Breathtaking medieval architecture… and a delicious story of a phantom wedding guest

Dryburgh Crop

Dryburgh Abbey

The pink sandstone ruins of Dryburgh Abbey stand in their own little pool of time, listening for the gentle chant of prayers

Alder Crop 5

The spirit of the alder

Lover of riverbanks and boggy places, the alder forms a close bond between earth and water. No wonder our ancestors revered its magic


Wild Rose

The dog rose

Evoking long summer days and warm sunshine, these glorious blooms will soon be turning into bright red hips

Taynish 16

The ancient oak woods of Taynish

A landscape that is a living piece of Scotland’s heritage: these oak woods have been growing in Knapdale for 7,000 years

Ivy-leaved Toadflax Crop

Ivy-leaved toadflax

This pretty little wild flower seems to love ruined buildings just as much as I do!

Birnam Oak Crop

The Birnam Oak: in the presence of greatness

Did this majestic tree – or the forest in which it stood – inspire Shakespeare with an idea for ‘Macbeth’?


Tantallon B&W

Six more of Scotland’s haunted castles

Scotland will never run short of haunted castles. Since Hallowe’en is approaching, I wondered if you’d like to tiptoe around a few of them with me…

Brenchoille Bridge (1)

Brenchoille bridge near Inveraray

This delightful little bridge, built in the late 18th century, spans the Leacann Water by Loch Fyne

St Bride's Crop

St Bride’s revisited

My feature on this lovely old graveyard near Loch Lubnaig has brought two strands of the same family together

Ellen's Isle Crop

Ellen’s Isle

This small wooded island in Loch Katrine was the refuge of Scott’s heroine in ‘The Lady of the Lake’

Devil's Arrows composite

The Devil’s Arrows: shafts of darkness

The people who put up these standing stones in North Yorkshire were obviously thinking big – but what on earth are those grooves all about?


Meteorite (1)

Meteorite: from a time before the Earth

How old can a rock be? Quite old, is the answer. This one was formed before the Earth itself…

Carsaig beach, Mull 63

Fossils at Carsaig Bay

On Mull’s south-west coast, if you can drag your eyes away from the glorious scenery, you’ll find a wealth of Jurassic treasures beneath your feet