Autumn (6)


Ranging from pale yellow to deep orange-red, this semi-precious stone was a popular choice in Victorian jewellery

St Andrews Crop

St Mary’s College in St Andrews

On a visit to St Andrews, just by chance, we stepped through an archway and discovered the ancient quadrangle of St Mary’s College. What a lovely place, and what a long history!

Dupplin Cross Mix 2

The Dupplin Cross

The lovely church of St Serf at Dunning in Perthshire conceals a beautiful and unique Pictish cross


Waterfalls, Dollar Glen 68

The plants of Dollar Glen

Following my feature on the Trees of Dollar Glen, I’m taking a look at its lovely array of wild plants (and a couple of show-stealing insects!)

Ash leaves (1)

The trees of Dollar Glen

At Dollar Glen in Clackmannanshire, a steep-sided gorge contains an emerald world where the trees bend their mossy branches to the water

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North berwick harbour 25

Brainteaser – the answer (and a spot of medieval history!)

The answer to my brainteaser lies on the shore of East Lothian, and it will lead you in the footsteps of 12th century pilgrims…



Purdey’s how-to video: putting small things under chairs

Great for rainy days… watch Purdey’s video and then try this for yourself!


Woodcock pin-feather Sept 2014

Woodcock pin-feather painting – in progress

A beautiful new painting on Colin’s easel, with a wintry backdrop of snowy hills


Callander graveyard (1)

An old graveyard near Callander

On the bank of the River Leny is this lovely old burial ground with a hidden and surprising history…

Athelstaneford Doocot (9)

Athelstaneford – a dovecot, an elusive battle, and the legend of Scotland’s flag

What is an English-sounding name like Athelstaneford doing in eastern Scotland? And what does it have to do with our national flag?


Fog bow

Fog bows