DGlen Collage

The trees of Dollar Glen

At Dollar Glen in Clackmannanshire, a steep-sided gorge contains an emerald world where the trees bend their mossy branches to the water

Athelstaneford Doocot Crop2

Athelstaneford – a dovecot, an elusive battle, and the legend of Scotland’s flag

What is an English-sounding name like Athelstaneford doing in eastern Scotland? And what does it have to do with our national flag?


St Andrews Jo 147 (2)

Museum garden in St Andrews

A lovely old doorway in St Andrews, enhanced by a stunning display of late summer flowers


North berwick harbour 25

Brainteaser – the answer (and a spot of medieval history!)

The answer to my brainteaser lies on the shore of East Lothian, and it will lead you in the footsteps of 12th century pilgrims…



Purdey’s how-to video: putting small things under chairs

Great for rainy days… watch Purdey’s video and then try this for yourself!


Doune CW 8

Doune Castle: seat of power

Is this my favourite castle yet? (It might just take the medieval biscuit!) The setting for ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ and now the new ‘Outlander’ series, Doune Castle is a delight to explore!

Lauder arch (4)

Two old arches and a warning in stone

These two old arches in the Scottish Borders bear an intriguing inscription – and a salutary warning to passers by!

Dun Carloway BW Crop

Looking at brochs

Along with their mesmerising yet inexplicable carvings, the Picts left us another legacy: brochs. These impressive buildings were designed to last – but what were they used for?

Ardchattan 138

Ardchattan Priory: a place of serenity on Loch Etive

Tucked away along the tranquil shores of Loch Etive is this lovely little ruin, with a long history and an impressive medieval cross


Bird's foot trefoil (1)

Bird’s foot trefoil

Affectionately called ‘hen and chickens’ or ‘bacon and eggs’, the flowers of bird’s foot trefoil light up sand dunes, heathland and rocky shores

Yorkshire Crop 2

Hunting for wild flowers in North Yorkshire

A guest post by ecologist Rachel Bates… Rare plants, butterflies and moths in Yorkshire’s beautiful nature reserves


Fog bow

Fog bows