Bluebells crop

Bluebell enchantment

As our woods start to shimmer with a heavenly blue haze, I’m looking at some of the folklore attached to these beautiful flowers

Torphichen collage 2

Torphichen Preceptory – stone-cold but compelling

This gaunt and rather forbidding church has an extraordinary history. When you enter its cavernous interior, it feels like you’re walking into a tomb

Keills Chapel stones crop

Keills Chapel: shadows of time

When the sun shines through the tiny windows of Keills Chapel in Knapdale, it reveals some astonishing treasures…

Castlerigg Crop

Castlerigg: out on the wild and windy moors

What on Earth went on here 5,000 years ago? The stones aren’t going to tell us, but they might well be attracting – or emitting – some kind of energy of their own!


Herkimer diamonds (1)

Herkimer diamonds

Prized for their clarity, these double-pointed crystals have some fascinating bubbles trapped inside!


Hazel trunks

A wand of hazel

For their valuable source of food and their versatile building material, hazel trees have been prized since the dawn of time. But hazel nuts are believed to contain wisdom, and a little bit of magic as well…

Mistletoe (3)

For the love of mistletoe

Fascinating in so many ways, the white berries of mistletoe have a long connection with Christmas. But the truth goes back still further, as any Druid would tell you…


Clach na Coileach (1)

Clan MacThomas and the Clach na Coileach

Four dead men and a sackful of live chickens… I’m just waiting for someone to suggest foul play!

Butter bridge (3)

The Butter Bridge, Glen Kinglas

There’s something about old bridges, especially when they are left marooned in the past, like this one in Glen Kinglas. And a hermit who lived here? What more do you need?

Loch Dochart Castle (1)

Loch Dochart Castle

Not the easiest to see, this ruined tower house stands on a tiny island in Loch Dochart. I thought the story would be quite a short one…

Fair Maid's House (5)

The Fair Maid’s House in Perth

Down a little side street in the centre of Perth lies the home of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society – this is a house with a long and unexpected history!


Degnish rocks (1)

Random rocks: Degnish

The Earth has been playing squash with these rocks on the coast of Argyll!


Redpoll by Colin Woolf

New painting: redpoll

A lovely watercolour study of one of our tiniest finches!